Learning in Anti-Racist Spaces

Presentation | Nov 23, 2019

National Council of Teachers of English

Inquiry requires us to pause- to stop and notice, and then to respond. What does it look like to inquire into systemic racism and bias? How would learning and teaching be different if schools were designed to celebrate and foster inquiry about dismantling white supremacy? If teachers were encouraged to hold this anti-racist inquiry stance at the center of their pedagogy? The educators on this panel have done just that.

Britt Hawthorne, the panelist, turned to homeschool when public school was no longer an option for her black sons. In her quest to teach them about their racial and ethnic identity, she discovered that this was learning educators needed to do as well. Through these conversations and challenging questions, her work expanded into social media, where she has garnered over 15,000 edu-learners interested in anti-racist education on Instagram. She offers family and classroom-based strategies for this work.

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